Casa de la Esperanza. A House of Hope.

Casa Facilities

Psalms 127:1 “Unless the Lord builds the house its builders labor in vain.”

Entrance to Casa

If you had driven up on Casa in 1997, its appearance was as lowly and deprived as the children who were living there. The facility back then seemed to have manifested in its exterior the sadness evident in the lives of the children who wandered aimlessly through it halls and about its grounds.  The facility sets out on the high mountain plains at about 6500 feet above sea level and is surrounded at a distance by rolling foothills and some high rugged mountains covered in low lining trees. Those having first had knowledge of how the facility appeared back then, both internally and externally, describe the changes taking place since the late 70's as “nearly miraculous”. All praise belongs to God. He has blessed this work with his incredible love and power. Where once stood open prairie: now stands and amazingly clean, safe, and comfortable facility. There are new dormitories which are scheduled for occupancy in early 2007. These new dorms are capable of housing 80 children. We also have a large fenced play area containing a basketball and volleyball court, a baseball and soccer field where the kids pass their free time playing and exploring. Our younger children enjoy a play area and sand box. A two-story barn and an open-air livestock pen add to the experience of our children. Two residences for permanent staff and missionaries have been built to ensure the children’s safety and security. A visitors’ center known as the Larry English Center was completed in 2006. It contains sleeping accommodations for 80 guests with a complete kitchen and large central eating/meeting area. Attached to the Larry English Center is a covered gazebo that is surrounded by planters, walkways, trees, beautiful flowers and plants. The facility is accented with beautiful iron work, walls of sand adobe type finish which are painted a colorful peach. In contrast to a few short years ago when one could hear rats the size of cats racing throughout the attic, bathrooms with only two functioning shower heads which serviced as many as 50 to 60 occupants and to top it off, backed-up sewer lines: the children now take great pride in the place they call home.

Future Plans: A Town Project

Flowers in front of the English Center

Efforts have been underway for several years now to grow a church in Anahuac where up until recently none existed. One can say that a remnant now exists. Up until now, the church has been meeting in the Larry English Center but the time is soon approaching when the Church will require a building. Given the long history Casa has with conducting various types of medical clinics and community outreach, Casa recently acquired a parcel of land for the purpose of constructing a multi-purpose building. Casa has received a donation of an x-ray machine for body and limb as well as a complete three chair dental lab. Each chair has it own x-ray head as well as equipment and supply cabinets which were fully stocked. The donation also included an x-ray machine capable of taking a complete panoramic x-ray of the jaw and mouth. The facility when completed will serve as a meeting place for the church, a place to conduct medical clinics of various types for the community, a place to house bible campaigns and classes on topics such as pre and post-natal care, health and nutrition, and family growth and development, to mention a few. The facility may also serve as a soup kitchen for the needy as our capacity develops. Please pray for the future decisions for the facility as well as the development and implementation of the plan.

Larry English

1 Peter 4:10-11: “Each on should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms. If anyone speaks, he should do it with the strength God provides, so that in all things God may be praised through Jesus Christ. To him be the glory and the power forever and ever. Amen.”

The Larry English Center

From the first summer that groups began to visit Casa de la Esperanza there has been an apparent need for a more convenient place for groups to stay. While the hotels in the area are excellent, many groups found that they lost a significant portion of each day to travel time. These travel times included the 20-30 minute trip to our site in the morning, a trip back to the hotel to clean up after morning projects, returning for the afternoon of activities and time with the kids, and finally a long trip back in the evening with a very tired group. This is neither convenient nor efficient for any group to do. As the need became evident, we began to develop a plan to build an on-campus facility for our visiting groups.

The Larry English Center entrance

As this plan became more and more possible, Larry English was diagnosed with Lou Gerrig’s Disease. Larry was the embodiment of the vision here at Casa. He was a man dedicated to serving people through missions and spreading the word of God. He was a dedicated servant of God, a devout husband, father, brother, and friend. Larry has inspired us through his service to the church in Mexico, an example of perseverance and love for the gospel of Jesus Christ. Larry has challenged us to live up to 1 Peter 4:10-11. Thus the facility was dedicated to the memory of our friend and fellow Christian.