Casa de la Esperanza. A House of Hope.

Children are our purpose

1 Corinthians 13:13 “And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”

Children Having Fun

Casa de la Esperanza is a Christian orphanage with a beautiful story.  It was founded in 1988.  Its purpose was to care for orphaned, abandoned, and abused children as well as children whose parents can not care for them. The home is located in Anahuac, Chihuahua, Mexico. Casa is situated on eighty acres in the beautiful Sierra Madre Mountains.  During its first six years of existence, the home was subject to several turnovers among sponsoring/funding organizations.  On October 4, 1994 the interest and improvements were transferred to the Southwest Church of Christ in Pueblo, Colorado. Since then, Casa has experienced steady and dramatic changes in facilities and childcare practices.

Casa de la Esperanza literally translated means "house of hope" and that is exactly what it is for many children in Northern Mexico.  Casa has developed into and become a safe haven for many of God's beautiful children.  The first day a child arrives at Casa, they are generally hungry, tired, and scared.   The scene is a sad and yet hopeful one.  After those first few days, the child can be seen playing, smiling, and learning about many things.  An undernourished and abused child without hope, in time becomes a healthy, active and loving part of our family.  They become accustomed to daily routines such as meals and brushing their teeth.  They encounter a caring staff including several American missionaries.  The child finds a clean and safe environment where they begin to feel comfortable.

Child At School

Casa de la Esperanza is determined to develop the talents and abilities of each child through a strong educational program and helping to ground each child in God's word. All of the children go to school, many for their very first time.  After school, the children do their homework and study in an organized supportive setting.  They also play, participate in activities, and experience a daily devotional.  Children are also taught to have a good work ethic through their daily responsibilities.  For the first time in their lives their basic needs are being met and they can begin to grow in knowledge, experience and security. All of the children are shown Godly examples of how to live and encouraged to live their life for God. Our kids get to go on outings and trips as well. In some cases children are reunited with their families. The other children can look forward to higher educational prospects while here at Casa. Each child may stay for the amount of time they need to receive training for their future, whether that is in a trade school, college or university.

God's love is at work in Anahuac and is evident through the children here.  For the children at Casa de la Esperanza, it truly is a "house of hope".