Casa de la Esperanza. A House of Hope.

Avenues of Service

Luke 17:10 “So you also, when you have done everything you were told to do, should say, ‘We are unworthy servants; we have only done our duty.’ ”

Over the years, many doors of service have opened for Casa in the community of Anáhuac and Cuauhtémoc.

Medical Clinics

Medical Clinic

These services have included the opportunity to conduct several dental, eyeglass and medical clinics, collectively serving 2,700 people to date and through which thousands of dollars in medicines, eye glasses and dental services have been provided to our neighbors in need.

Food Distribution

Food Distribution

Every summer, most visiting groups coming to Casa bring funds to purchase food for distribution to the needy in our community and to date 59 tons of food have been donated by going door to door with bags weighing approximately 20 pounds each and containing rice, beans and potatoes as well as bible study tracks.

Building a House for a Poor Family

Handing Over the Keys

It was during one of our food distribution initiatives that we came across a family of four living in poverty in a one room lean-to measuring roughly eight foot by fourteen foot, it had a dirt floor, no door, or window, wall built of wood pallets wrapped with tar paper. After giving them some food, we determined to build them a house which is pictured in this section. The house built with the help of summer groups is an efficiency twenty by twenty square foot home with two bedrooms, a complete bathroom and a combination dining/living/kitchen space.

Street Lights for Anáhuac

Casa has also had the opportunity to contribute to the welfare of pedestrians along main street Anáhuac and to the community safety in general by donating several intersections of traffic signal lights, controls and cables formerly used in the Denver area.

Donated Medical Supplies

Donated Medical Supplies

Over recent years, three semi-truck loads of medical supplies and equipment have also been donated to area clinics serving the poor.

Wheel Chairs for Seniors and Children

Girl in Donated Wheelchair

Additionally, services include donating manually driven and electrically motorized wheel chairs to several area children. These chairs came from several sources in the US and are in great demand here among the general population, children's homes and senior citizens.

An Ambulance for Anáhuac

Casa Kids in front of the ambulance

Up until few years ago, Anáhuac had no ambulance services. Soon after one of our children received a serious injury while playing on the concrete play area and was hospitalized, we received a donation of an ambulance which is now on loan and serving the community of Anáhuac. On average of 10 to 12 times each day.