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Child Sponsorship

Psalms 62: 5 “Find rest, O my soul, in God alone; my hope comes from him.”

Sponsor a Child Sponsor a Child Sponsor a Child

Child sponsorship is our primary means of support in providing for the daily care of the children at Casa. Child sponsorship is a flexible program allowing sponsors to be involved in the life of the sponsored child at a level which best suits your desire and abilities.

Our desire is that as an individual or congregation, you consider developing a long term relationship with a particular child involving ongoing communication as well as your financial support. The relationship might involve a card and or a small gift on their birthday, an occasional email (we can translate), a photo of you and your family (can be emailed and we will print it off), perhaps a summer visit to Casa to spend time getting to know the child.

Sponsor a Child Sponsor a Child Sponsor a Child

Your financial support is needed to provide for the daily needs of the child. In addition to the basic requirements of a good diet, clothing and shelter, children are provide with eye and dental care, ongoing medical attention and the occasional trip to the nearby campsite for a pick nick. Your support helps provide an overall quality of life that includes a healthy Christian living environment for the child in which daily activities include: a strong emphasis on education and study, daily devotionals and study of God's word , age appropriated chores intended to instill a healthy work ethic, and selected forms of recreation and entertainment.

Sponsor a Child Sponsor a Child Sponsor a Child

Our goal in short is to take children from circumstances at which they enter Casa and raise them up as healthy and balanced children for citizenship in the Kingdom and good citizenship in the country of Mexico.  It takes on average about $250.00 per month to raise a child at Casa. Some of our children have special needs requiring additional support which is provided for from a "Special Needs" fund which is supported by a small part of the $250.00 monthly support. We gladly accept and invite any level of support on what ever basis one is able to assist in the growth and development of our children. Casa de la Esperanza is a DBA under the Southwest Church of Christ in Pueblo, Colorado. Your donations are fully deductible from state/federal taxes. Thank you for any consideration you may be giving to the notion of sponsoring a child here at Casa.

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