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A Time for Healing

(Posted by Gil Sanchez on 02-26-2007)

A Time for Healing

Lines began forming around 6:45 am even though the doors to the medical mission were not scheduled to open until 9:00. There were young mothers holding babies, old men and old woman, young families and a few young men standing in line. A cold winter chill hung in the air and people were dressed in there heavy winter coats and the children were wrapped in blankers. They stood snuggling against the wall of the building which served to break the brisk chilling breeze. The Casa staff along with members of the Granbury and Woodward Church of Christ had set up tables and chairs, blinds and an examination table the night before. While the towns' people waited outside, the one doctor, two dentists and one optometrist along with a team of helpers were busy behind closed doors arranging medicines, setting up the eye examine machine, and laying out boxes of eyeglasses that would eventually disappear over the next few days. During the two and one-half day medical mission, some 490+ people received medical exams; 520+ pairs of glasses were given away following a through eye exam and dental services included cleaning, filling, and extractions. The medical examinations resulted in several thousands of dollars in medicines being dispensed.

The community was extremely grateful for the outpouring of free medical services and medicines and expressed their appreciation by hosting a delicious dinner and an evening of wonderful cultural dancing. The event was sponsored by President Rene Cordova of Anahuac and involved children from several local schools and members from the community. We are deeply grateful to both the Granbury and Woodward Church of Christ for the stellar job they did. We are especially grateful to the Lord for allowing us to serve Him in such a wonderful manner as to bring these services to our neighbors in His name.