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Our goal at Casa is to develop the talents and abilities of each child through a strong foundation in God’s word and an excellent educational program.

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Casa de la Esperanza, founded in 1995, is a Christian orphanage that has been transformed from a house of ruin into a pristine and beautiful “house of hope”. Over the years, Churches of Christ and various other congregations of Christian disciples have made a significant commitment to Casa’s mission. This commitment has led to a continuous transformation of our  facilities, operations, and childcare standards and practices. 

Churches that have made a significant contribution to Casa’s mission are the Southwest Church of Christ, the Mayfair Church of Christ and the West Houston Church of Christ providing financial support and counseling. Several individuals and other Church families have also been generous in their support and prayers as well.

Casa de la Esperanza, literally translated, means “house of hope”, and that is exactly what it is for many children in northern Mexico–a safe haven. Upon first arriving at Casa, children are sometimes traumatized due to the conditions from which they were rescued and are generally hungry, tired, and scared. The scene is sad yet hopeful in that for the first time in their lives, the children find a clean, safe, and loving Christian environment where they can begin to heal and recover from their experiences.

The children begin to grow in knowledge, experience, and security as their basic needs are being met, usually for the first time. All of the children are shown godly examples of how to live and are encouraged to live their lives for God. In some cases, children are reunited with their families. The other children can look forward to higher educational prospects while here at Casa. Children may stay for the amount of time needed to receive training for their future, whether that is in a trade school, college, or university. Our commitment to each child extends as far as covering all their educational expenses until they are able to conduct independent, productive Christian lives. While receiving a college, trade, or university education, children will work flexible hours at Casa, receive a wage, and live as supporting members of the Casa household.

Our goal at Casa is to develop the talents and abilities of each child through a strong foundation in God’s word and an excellent educational program. All school-age children attend school, many for the very first time. After school, the children study and do their homework in an organized, supportive setting. This is followed by time for play and various other activities. To instill a strong work ethic in the children, part of the daily schedule also includes responsibilities and chores. Beyond the normal housekeeping tasks required of all our children, those who perform additional chores are rewarded with a well-deserved allowance. This approach not only encourages a sense of responsibility but also provides valuable lessons about the correlation between effort and reward in their daily lives. Evening devotions close the day with singing, prayer, and study in the Word, to encourage the children to grow in their individual relationships with love for Christ.

God’s love is evident through the children here. For the children at Casa de la Esperanza, it truly is a “House of Hope”.

Casa de la Esperanza Foundation

Board of Directors

The Casa de la Esperanza Foundation Board of Directors has long been an endeavor of love and commitment to become fully operational as a working board of directors. There have been countless bureaucratic obstacles to workout with the Mexican Government as we are among the first to have a Board membership consisting of both Mexican and American citizenships. 
We are pleased to have finalized the composition of the Foundation Board of Directors and Articles of incorporation that are in full compliance with US 501(c)3 non-for-profit requirements as well as Mexican Association requirements. 
We want God to continue to be the divine guide that directs each of our steps and allows us to honor Him with our actions, longing to be a beacon of light for our beloved children and community.
  • Jeff Bonney – President
  • Pepe Villicaña – Vice President
  • Gary Richards – Treasurer
  • Gil Sanchez – Secretary
  • Michael Mitchell
  • Kent  Baggett
  • Kurt Agustine
  • John McCrustion
  • Dr. Keith Caughfield