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Spring 2024

Our students not only excel in the regular academic curriculum but also engage in advanced classes including laser technology, robotics, CNC programming, music, and arts, ensuring a well-rounded and enriched learning experience. We are honored to play a part of this educational journey, guiding our children through a fundamental development process that will last throughout their lives. [Read more]

Past Newsletter Issues

Autumn 2023

Every child received at Casa is an opportunity to provide Christ like love and care to children retrieved from desperate conditions. We rejoice with each and every opportunity to extend a warm and loving welcome to new Casa family. [Read more]

Summer 2023

The establishment of a Christian school as always been envisioned for Casa with the goal of enhancing the quality of our children’s lives by providing a Christ centered Education. [Read more]

Spring 2023

Our children are the most valued treasure at Casa and each one a gift from God, deserving of love and care no less than our very own children. Providing an experience of “family”, as the Lord intended, is critically important to fostering a foundation of trust and love. Trust lends to a relationship of mutual respect, acceptance, and care. Our service in Christ makes for a new beginning and a trajectory with promise for a brighter future for each child. [Read more]

Winter 2023

Christmas is a much-awaited time of year for children and this holiday season served as the ideal occasion to show our children that they are loved by the family in Christ. This year, we were overwhelmed by the number of Christmas gifts and support received for special meals and activities. This outpouring of love is deeply appreciated beyond what words can express. [Read more]

Autumn 2022

Our endeavor to grow a Christian community in Anahuac, is taking effect both in Cuauhtémoc and Chihuahua. We have begun working closely with member churches by involving brethren in preaching, medical missions, and inviting them to participate in food distribution, alongside our summer group visitors. This summer alone, four tons of food were delivered to our neighbors and friends in need. [Read more]

Spring Update 2022

Learning, teaching, and living God’s word as we parent and nurturing loving relationships with our children, is the heart and soul of this ministry. We could not imagine an experience more gratifying then to witness the fruit of these changed lives and futures. This is the challenge that God lays at our feet every moment of every day at Casa: to do our best to facilitate and encourage that change. [Read more]

Spring 2022

During and following the holiday season, COVID cases in the community surrounding Casa increased, leading to our decision to move to virtual school during January. It was an opportunity for us to carry out an academic program beyond the quality of the regular school program available in Anahuac. Using small groups and a one-on-one instructional program, the academic program carried out at Casa was the ideal opportunity for our young teens to develop greater self-confidence and leadership and communication skills. [Read more]

Winter 2022

We are gratified to report that our kids are thriving! Through daily devotionals, Sunday worship, fellowship with other Christians, and midweek bible studies, our children are growing in the depth and breadth of their understanding of God’s word. These Bible focused activities, in conjunction with their daily life experiences at Casa, are life changing. [Read more]

Autumn 2021

In September, Casa de la Esperanza had its annual review by the Social Assistance Centers for the Mexican National System for Integral Family Development (DIF). As part of the process, a government psychologist from DIF interviewed 80% of our children privately and independently. [Read more]

Spring Update 2021

Casa is a place where miracles happen; it is a place where you can visibly see the hand of God working in the lives of people. The challenges over the past 25 years have been difficult and at times heartbreaking, but God has richly blessed this ministry which seeks to honor Him through service to orphaned, abandoned, impoverished, and abused children. It truly is a holy mission. [Read more]

Spring 2021

With the completion of the first floor and loft area of the worship center in Anáhuac, weekly worship services began on February 14th. Praise God for this long-awaited answer to prayer! In preparation for this first worship service, we distributed flyers door-to-door and handed them out in the town square. [Read more]

Winter 2021

Several years ago, a close friend approached Becky and me asking if we could meet soon to discuss something of immense importance to him and his wife. I was immediately taken aback by the grave expression on his face and the serious manner in which he approached the question. Feeling the gravity of his concern, I immediately invited them to our house that evening. [Read more]

Autumn 2020

Charting the future course for Casa is a continual process and is essential for ensuring its long-term well-being, growth, and development. We have long prayed and searched for a candidate to serve as Deputy Director of Casa. We are very pleased to announce that Jose Villicaña will be joining our ministry team as Deputy Director beginning December 1, 2020. [Read more]

Spring 2020

COVID-19 recently reached our little corner of the world at Casa. The pandemic has essentially wiped clean our previously full calendar of groups scheduled to visit Casa during this year’s spring break and summer. [Read more]

Winter 2020

We are now past the Christmas and the New Year season, but we have fond memories of that time. Christmas toys and clothing, meals and fiestas were provided for the Children by the West Houston Church of Christ, the Westside Church of Christ in El Paso, and the Bright Angel Church of Christ of Las Vegas. [Read more]

Summer 2019

We have been blessed by several new children at Casa this spring. One is a young teen girl named Carolina, and we have also welcomed another teen mom Rosa and her three-month-old baby Lupita. Our teen moms and their babies are such a blessing — the joy of watching them grow each day into happy beautiful children and loving moms just can’t be adequately expressed. [Read more]

Spring 2019

As with many in the United States, we are becoming increasingly conscious of the need to enhance security at Casa. The safety of the children and staff is of primary concern. While Casa has always been a safe and crime-free environment, it has long been our goal to erect an affordable, functional and yet attractive wall around our immediate campus for enhanced security purposes. [Read more]

Christmas 2018

The collective influences of a Christian living environment, over time, bear the type of fruit that we all seek to achieve: a lasting discipleship relationship with Jesus Christ, in our lives and the lives of our children. Over the last few weeks, we have been blessed to witness and participate in the baptism of nine children who have declared the great truth that Jesus is the Son of God and have accepted Him as their Lord and Savior. [Read more]