Anáhuac Church of Christ and Community Center

The construction of a church building and emergency housing has been in the making for several years. The building site was purchased in 2002, and construction of three duplexes began soon after. Twelve years later, we once again began construction, and the work is progressing well.

The first floor of the church has been used for worship services, bible study groups, conferences, fellowship, food distribution, clothing donations and several medical missions. We are very blessed to have it. The second floor is near the final stages of construction, the installation of doors, trim, texture on the walls and the first coat of paint have all been completed. This space has been designed with the purpose of serving as a school where future Bible students and members of our community can learn and grow together in their faith. On this level there will be three classrooms, one library, one cry room, one mechanical room, balcony and restrooms for men and women. Work has also begun on the third floor by planning living quarter for four male students, all with the aim of providing students with a comfortable and welcoming place where they can live and study during their two-year program. Students with families will find living accommodations in our three on site duplexes.