Anáhuac Church of Christ and Community Center

The construction of a church building and emergency housing has been in the making for several years. The building site was purchased in 2002, and construction of three duplexes began soon after. The source of funding came from the increasing number of groups visiting Casa, each bringing funds in support of this endeavor. As drug-related violence taking place among rival gangs in Juarez began making national news, groups stopped coming to Casa, bringing construction on the duplexes and the church building to a halt. Since 2002, we began creating a reserve consisting of individual and congregational donations to commence with the work once the reserve was sufficient to complete the work. Twelve years later, we once again began construction, and the work is progressing well.

In the last twelve months, the first duplex was completed; the second is at the stage of painting the interior walls; and the third duplex is near ready for sheetrock. The children’s play area is almost completed with the installation of the playground equipment underway. Driveway, walkways, gates, courtyard landscaping and concrete pads are installed and completed. The framework and wood floor sheathing of the second and third floors of the church building as well as the stairway are also completed. The exterior walls are being framed on the inside using steel studs for the purpose of insulating the building and running all the plumbing, mechanical systems and water lines in the walls. Framing the inside of all the outside walls and ceiling is approximately 65% completed. All electrical power for the duplexes and the church is hooked up to the city grid. Water lines and sewer taps are complete for the duplexes and the church. Framing interior walls on the first floor is approximately 40% complete. A baptistery is being installed, and preliminary work planning for drain and water lines is underway. All the first-floor walls have been taped out for quick installation.