Medical Clinics and Food Distribution

"He who is kind to the poor lends to the LORD, and He will reward him for what he has done."

Over the years, many doors of service have opened for Casa in the nearby communities of Anahuac and Cuauhtémoc. Some of these services include medical, dental and eyeglass clinics. For the past three years the shortage of medicines available through the local public health services has affected the welfare of many of the needy in our community and surrounding villages. We consider it especially important during times like this, that medical consultations and free medicine be provided as a means of serving the health and quality of life of our needy neighbors. Past clinics have collectively served 5000 people and provided thousands of dollars in medicines, eyeglasses, and dental services to neighbors in need.

Most visiting groups coming to Casa bring funds to purchase food for distribution to the needy in our community. With the participation of our church members, baptized youth and visitors to Casa, we have been able to distribute 190 tons of food door-to-door in the name of Jesus Christ. During the activity, Casa staff take the contact information of the recipients for follow up and provide support and assistance, looking forward to establishing meaningful relationships with them.

Approaching a home of humble means can be a rewarding experience for anyone. Knocking on a door, or merely a doorframe draped with a sheet because there is no door, is an opportunity to grow and reflect on one’s faith. These experiences call into question the importance of wealth, love, and family, precipitating reflection as to how our lives square with God’s word.