Other Avenues of Service

Conducting Devotionals

Our daily practice is to share the Word with each other through our home life at Casa and with others by reachingout into our community. We have begun reaching out by visiting and conducting devotionals at local nursing homes and other children’s homes once a week. On each occasion, four of our high school youth along with the assistance of one of our adult Bible students, share a prepared lesson in God’s Word, sing a few praise songs, andshare the love of our Lord. This ministry seeks to serve others most in need and to facilitate the growth anddevelopment of our youth and their gifts and talents in teaching God’s promise to the lost.

Facilities Maintenance

The ongoing maintenance of the facilities at Casa is a crucial task that we regularly undertake. Given theexpansive nature of our facilities, it is during the summer, with the assistance of our visiting brethren, that these tasks are carried out, ensuring the optimal condition of Casa. These tasks range from painting and gardening to tending to the barns. Our commitment to maintenance reflects both practical necessity and a dedication to preserving an environment that supports our commitment to excellence in all areas.

English Classes

As Chihuahua is a border state, much of the work environment requires proficiency in the English language. Learning this language correctly significantly enhances the earning potential in their future careers. Within Casa’s curriculum, practical English classes are included, as the dynamic nature of visiting groups allows our children to develop proper speaking expression and pronunciation. During the summer, this becomes an engagementopportunity for our visitors.


Ensuring orderliness is paramount at Casa, especially with the presence of 60 children under our care. Maintaining a well-organized environment is not just a matter of practicality; it’s a crucial aspect of maximizing our time effectively. With a household of this size, instilling a sense of responsibility and ownership in our children becomes a central focus. Teaching them to care for their home not only contributes to the overall functionality of Casa but also imparts valuable life skills.