Safety and Travel

Northern Mexico is a relatively safe and secure area, and most of the stories of being robbed by banditos or getting Montezuma’s Revenge are greatly exaggerated. During the past 15 years, which have included hundreds of group visits to Casa, there have not been any situations where safety has been a concern. The residents of Cuauhtémoc and Anáhuac are used to seeing Americans, and are very friendly, polite, and helpful. If you purpose to have the “mind of Christ” and also some common sense, it is not likely that you will have any problems.

Appropriate precautions are common sense for whenever one is traveling outside of the United States:

  • Avoid unsavory areas
  • Don’t wander off alone
  • Don’t “flash around” large amounts of money, etc.

The Casa campus is entirely fenced, and entry is only allowed through the secured gates.