Visit Casa

Fees and Expenses

Fees and Expenses Your group will need to plan for several types of expenses as part of your trip: Meal Expenses (per person, per meal at Casa) Project Sponsorship (varies) Larry English Center Accommodations (per person, per night) Community Service (usually food distribution, optional, and cost varies) Border Crossing Support, Tolls and Gas To calculate …

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Lodging and Necessities

Food, Water, Lodging, and Utilities A few tips regarding eating and drinking in Mexico (outside of Casa de la Esperanza): Be selective about where you choose to eat. Look for well-established and clean restaurants. Gastrointestinal issues are common when adjusting to new foods. Mexican doctors call this turista, and symptoms may include nausea and diarrhea …

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Safety and Travel

Northern Mexico is a relatively safe and secure area, and most of the stories of being robbed by banditos or getting Montezuma’s Revenge are greatly exaggerated. During the past 15 years, which have included hundreds of group visits to Casa, there have not been any situations where safety has been a concern. The residents of …

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